In a properly functioning home electrical system, circuit breakers will seldom trip. If you’ve noticed that the breakers in your South Central Texas home trip on a regular basis, this is cause for concern. Read on to learn about four of the possible reasons why your home’s breakers keep tripping.

1. Overloaded Circuit

The most common reason for tripped breakers is an overloaded circuit. This means you have too many items plugged into a circuit or the item plugged into the circuit is demanding more power than the circuit can provide. For example, if you’re using a computer, monitor and printer plugged into an outlet in your living room, then you plug in and turn on the vacuum, the circuit may trip.

2. Short Circuits

When a hot or live wire touches the neutral wire, this is a short circuit. It’s dangerous because it creates a lot of heat. That heat may start a fire. The circuit draws electricity, which trips the breaker. If an outlet feels hot right after a breaker trips, it may be due to a short circuit.

3. Ground Fault Surge

A ground fault surge occurs when the hot wire touches the grounding wire. It causes too much electricity to flow through the circuit. The wiring gets very hot, and it can lead to a fire. This problem may also cause electrocution.

4. Breaker Box or Wiring Damage

Physical damage to the breaker box or wiring in your home may cause the breakers to trip on a frequent basis. This could happen if mice or other critters have chewed through your wiring. It can also happen if the insulation on the wiring is damaged and the wiring gets too hot. If the wire itself is damaged, it may draw too much power. Damaged appliance cords and plugs can also cause tripped breakers.

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