An electrical system that’s overloaded or otherwise not functioning properly could put you and your family in danger. If you notice the lights in your home are flickering or buzzing, it may be a good idea to call a professional electrician to inspect your home electrical system and repair any issues they might uncover. What are some other good reasons to contact a professional electrician? Here are a few to consider.

You Smell Something Burning

Outlets should not smell like a pizza kept in the oven too long. In many cases, this is an indication of a melted wire or the overheating of some other important electrical component. If left unchecked, there’s a good chance such problems could lead to a fire in your home.

Lights Won’t Come on at All

If lights won’t come on at all in your home, there’s a chance something hasn’t been correctly plugged or screwed in. There is also the possibility a fuse needs to be replaced or a switch on the circuit breaker needs reset. If you’ve tried troubleshooting the issue yourself without success, it’s probably time to call a professional electrician for help.

You Don’t Feel Comfortable Resolving an Issue on Your Own

Ideally, if you have an electrical job needing attention around the house, but aren’t sure you could complete it safely, the best option is to call a professional like those available through GVEC Home Electrician services. If you lack the tools or know-how for electrical work, it definitely isn’t a “learn by doing” or “learn as you go” proposition. We strongly advise against such do-it-yourself electrical jobs.

Call the Professionals at GVEC Home Electrician Services

If you need electrical work done around your home or small business, call the friendly professionals at GVEC Home Electrician services. Our team of licensed electricians has the experience, the training and the qualifications to complete a range of electrical jobs. From the repair of damaged wires to the installation of new electrical systems to outdoor wiring, whole-home electrical inspection, whole-home surge protection and so much more, we know how to get the job right the first time.

Plug into Solar with GVEC Home

Our team of professional electricians also does installation for every GVEC Home solar panel system sold. If you’re interested in adding solar power to your home, we can help. Through our complete, turnkey solar solution, we’ll help you find a system that fits your lifestyle and budget, and take care of permitting and installation, too. We do everything in-house, so you’ll never wonder who to call for help with your system. Plus, every system includes a 25-year warranty on parts and 10 years on labor.

Call GVEC Home Electrician Services

If you live in South Central Texas, GVEC Home Electrician services is here to help with all your home and small-business electrical work. Call us today at 888.590.7773, and let’s talk about how we can help.

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