Anyone who has an electrical breaker panel of some sort has probably encountered the issue of a tripped breaker. It doesn’t matter where your breaker panel is located. What’s important is that you learn how to reset a tripped breaker safely.

Turn Off All Devices on the Circuit

All devices on a circuit should be turned off. Make sure there is no power going to your device. Check that any digital clock radios, televisions, and other appliances are turned off.

Find Electric Service Panel

Find the electric service panel or breaker box which is commonly located in garages, utility rooms, hallways or utility closets. It’s important to know where yours is located. Open the panel door.

Locate Tripped Breaker

When a breaker is functioning properly, it should be in the “on” position. When a breaker has tripped, it will usually appear to be in the “neutral” or center position, between “on” and “off.” You might also know which breaker has tripped by knowing where the power is off in your home and matching it if your electrical panel is properly labeled.

Turn the Circuit Breaker Switch to the Off Position, Then On Position

You will need to reset a tripped circuit breaker by turning the handle to its “off” position. Then turn the circuit breaker handle to the “on” position. You should feel and/or hear a “click” when you set the switch in each position. This should successfully reset your tripped breaker.

If You Have Fuses Rather Than Breakers

If your home is older and has never had the electrical system updated, you may have a fuse system rather than a breaker panel. If a fuse has blown, locate the blown fuse on the fuse map for each circuit. Replace it immediately with one that matches the size listed on the map. Remove the burnt-out fuse by turning it counterclockwise with a flathead screwdriver, then replace it with a new fuse.

Contact GVEC For Persistent Breaker Issues

If the fuse blows or the breaker trips again or you find yourself needing to reset breakers or replacing fuses regularly, you need to reach out to a licensed electrician to inspect the issue. GVEC Electrician Services is here to serve Seguin and surrounding areas with licensed electrician services ranging from inspections and wiring upgrades to whole-home surge protection and solar installation. Call us or send us a message through our contact page to schedule an appointment today.

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