How does someone know if they have bad wiring in their house? First, there are some clues that you may have faulty wiring. Suppose indicators of a wiring problem are present. It’s important to recognize these issues, so you’ll know when you may need to call an electrician.

Signs That You May Have a Wiring Problem

Electrical problems can have severe consequences if not addressed in a timely manner. Although many of the quirks that appear after you have lived in your house for some years may not be dangerous, there are some indications of problems that should never be ignored. Some of the signs that your home may have electrical issues include:

  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers
  • Hot outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smells coming from appliances or outlets
  • Frayed wires

Not all wiring problems require you to call a licensed electrician. For example, flickering lights may be simply a matter of tightening a light bulb. Another simple fix can involve the malfunction of half an outlet. Many times, a wall switch turns an outlet off and on. However, loose or faulty wiring in the outlet may cause the light to flicker. This type of issue warrants a call to a professional electrician.

Wiring Issues Requiring an Electrician

Electrical problems in the home are not typical DIY projects. An issue with a frequently tripping circuit breaker, for example, may indicate a hazardous situation, such as:

  • Ground fault
  • Overloaded circuit
  • Short circuit
  • Arc fault

These require a licensed, professional electrician to ensure that the actual problem is identified and adequately addressed safely.

Depend on GVEC Expert Electrician Services

At GVEC, our licensed electricians can fix electrical problems you find in your home. No job is too big or too small. We also provide internet and AC/heating services, solar panel and battery storage sales and services, and whole-home surge protection in Gonzales, Seguin, New Braunfels and surrounding areas. If you’re concerned about the wiring in your South Central Texas home, call GVEC at 888.590.7773 today.

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