Many factors go into ensuring your home is comfortable and safe. Beautiful furniture is one of the obvious factors. Sturdy appliances and good lighting also contribute to a family’s comfort. However, the more important features seem to be behind the walls. Your home’s electrical system is one of the biggest determinants of its safety. Making sure that your home’s electrical components are up to code can literally save a life.

Don’t Be a Statistic

Every year, there are many electrical fires that could have been avoided. To help with this epidemic, the National Fire Protection Association has developed the National Electrical Code. This code lays out what the standards are for installing electrical outlets.

For example, outlets must be installed at least 2 feet apart. This code also regulates certain appliances to having their own dedicated circuit. There are also codes that specify the voltage levels used with the circuit boards.

The average person is not expected to know all these codes or even to know if he or she is in compliance with everything. There are, however, some red flags to be mindful of.

Signs Your Home Is Not up to Code

  • Short outs when too many devices are plugged into outlets
  • Pushing the reset button on the outlet does not turn the power back on
  • Unusually high electric bill
  • Too many wires in the panel

These are not the only indicators that something is off with the electricity in your home. Additionally, these symptoms do not necessarily mean your home is not up to code. With electricity, there is heat. With heat, there is a fluctuation of wire density. Over time, that fluctuation will cause parts to loosen. Therefore, simply tightening screws can sometimes fix the problem.

We Are Here to Help

Fortunately, there is a team of professionals at your service. Our electricians have been servicing the south-central area of Texas since 1938. This company specializes in electrical and solar panel, installation, service, and maintenance. There is no reason to take chances with something so critical in your home. Call GVEC Electrician Services today for a free no-obligation quote.

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