Older homes may have older electrical systems that can be dangerous. Even if the system is working fine, there are still some benefits to replacing the electrical panel. Smoking outlets and tripping breakers aren’t supposed to occur all the time and, if this is happening, these are warning signs that something more damaging could be coming, such as a fire.

Peace of Mind

No one wants to live in a home that is unsafe, and you want to keep your family protected. With an electrical safety upgrade, you will have more peace of mind that your home can handle the electrical needs of modern society. Oftentimes electrical safety can get overlooked because it’s easy to just turn on the light and appliances and forget how they are operating, but knowing you have done the necessary upgrades can make you rest easy.

May Be Legally Necessary

Older systems may not adhere to modern codes. If a panel is still using fuses it may not be up to code and should be upgraded. If you plan on doing any other upgrades to your homes, like remodeling or additions, you will need your electrical system up to code.


Having a safer home is one of the main reasons to upgrade electrical systems. Older systems can cause an electrical overload and could short out the electricity, or spark and cause a fire.

Support Your Appliances

There are more electronic devices than ever before, and plasma screen TVs and high-end computers play an important role in society. Even cars are running on electrical power. An old system may not be able to support these kinds of appliances. A bad electrical system can also short out appliances before their time, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore with a new system.

Save Money

An updated system can run more efficiently and help you save money on electrical bills. You may also qualify for rebates and discounts from the local electric company. If you plan on selling your home, you can get more value out of it from an upgraded system.

South Central Electricians You Can Trust

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