Electrical FAQs

Get the answers to your most commonly asked electrical questions from the experts.

We’re always glad to provide a general estimate for an electrical job over the phone. However, for a precise quote, we need to do an onsite inspection. Depending on the size and complexity of a job, the cost of electrical work can be affected by numerous factors. Each home and small business has unique circumstances and this is why onsite quotes are far superior to over-the-phone estimates. And remember: All GVEC Electrician Services quotes are always 100 percent no-obligation guarantee. GVEC Electrician Services personnel will never pressure you into making a purchase or signing a contract.

Smoke detectors chirp when their batteries run low. Changing the battery will usually fix the problem. We recommend changing smoke detector batteries once a year.

If changing the battery doesn’t stop the chirping, it might be time to replace the detector itself. Most smoke detectors are designed and rated to last around 10 years or 87,000 hours of usage. Beyond this point, the sensors can lose effectiveness, which can also cause chirping.

What year was your home or building built? The answer is a good starting place to understand your electrical system. How long have you owned your home or building? How many owners has your home or the building from which you run your small business had? Just because a home or other building was built with a certain wiring type, doesn’t mean the system hasn’t been modernized, undergone selective upgrades or been remodeled entirely. The best way to conclusively identify your wiring system is through a whole-home or whole-business inspection. At GVEC Electrician Services, our electricians are fully trained and licensed to conduct such inspections.

“GFCI” stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. GFCIs are built into electrical outlets/receptacles as a way to prevent shock from electrical equipment used around water. These devices are designed to shut down power to the outlet when they detect improper electricity flow. GFCIs save lives and their use is critical in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, crawlspaces and any other area where electricity is used in close proximity to water. If your home or business is missing GFCI outlets in one of these rooms or areas, please call GVEC Electrician Services about getting them installed.

GFCI outlets include two small buttons, usually located between insertion points. One button (frequently colored black) is for testing the GFCI’s proper functionality and the other (frequently red in color) is for restoring normal power flow after a test. GFCIs should be tested monthly to assure proper function.

Blinking/flickering lights can be caused by a number of issues. The first and most easily diagnosed and fixed is a faulty or improperly secured/sized bulb. Blinking and flickering can also be caused by an inadequate number of branching circuits throughout your home or business, frayed wires, or loose connections in a breaker or meter box or even throughout the entire building. Although the latter issues are all serious and can lead to overheating and fires, it’s impossible to pinpoint the problem without an inspection by a certified electrician. If tightening or changing bulbs doesn’t resolve flickering/blinking, call GVEC Electrician Services to arrange an inspection.

Electricity is unlike anything else you encounter in your home or business. Although people tend to take its daily role in their lives for granted, electricity is extremely powerful, with serious potential to injure or even to kill. In working with and around electricity, the smallest of errors can lead to instantaneous shock or electrocution or to devastating fires. Of course, we can’t stop you from undertaking your own electrical work, but we strongly advise against it. Our professional electricians have years of extensive, hands-on training and experience, along with thorough knowledge of electrical codes and regulations. The dangers are serious and very real: Trying to tackle your own electrical work could well cause death, dismemberment or another serious injury. So ask yourself: Is do-it-yourself electrical work really worth the risk?

Heated outlets and light switches aren’t normal and could signify serious trouble. If you’re experiencing this problem, we recommend calling GVEC Electrician Services for an immediate inspection. Power overloads, loose wires, weak connections—all these can cause heat buildup and all can potentially lead to serious issues, including fire, if not quickly addressed.

Usually, a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker happens because you’ve overloaded a circuit with too many appliances or other heavy-use devices. Refrigerators, microwave ovens, stoves, air conditioners, plugin heaters and toasters are notorious for causing this problem. However, continually blown fuses or tripped breakers could signify a more serious issue. If you’re experiencing this problem, we recommend calling GVEC Electrician Services for an inspection.

Absolutely. GVEC Electrician Services are fully licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, License #328202. Each of our electricians holds appropriate licensure as well. Our techs and assistants hold all appropriate certifications and licensures, too. We also carry general liability and commercial umbrella insurance, along with Texas worker’s compensation. And we are fully bonded in the areas we serve.

Why choose GVEC Electrician Services? Because we’ve been here, serving South Central Texas, reliably, honestly and transparently for over eight decades, delivering dependable, affordable electricity and other high-quality services. GVEC Electrician Services meet the same standards of quality and value as all our other products and services. Our electricians are fully trained and licensed and undergo a complete background check and a drug screen before being hired. They also share GVEC’s commitment to delivering high quality, ethical services, safely and with maximum value to every customer, every time. Your search for dependable, professional electrical services in your neighborhood ends with GVEC Electrician Services — a neighbor you already know and trust.

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