SPAN Electrical Panels

SPAN is an intelligent electrical panel that allows you to have greater management and provides a better understanding of your home energy usage. The smart panel features 32 controllable circuits.

SPAN’s internet-connected gateway allows wireless communication to monitor and control every circuit common to standard circuit breaker panel. It’s also easily integrated with leading battery storage solutions. This means it works especially well with solar panel systems and battery storage solutions like Tesla Powerwall.

SPAN electrical panels are durably designed for both indoor and outdoor use and feature a 10-year limited warranty.


Benefits of SPAN

SPAN modernizes your home by replacing your existing breaker panel. You can control and monitor each circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet, seeing in real time how your home is sourcing, storing and using energy.

Having real-time insight to how energy is being utilized by specific circuits provides information you need to understand what appliances in your home are consuming the most energy, and it gives you the ability to close any circuit in your home, even if you’re away.


Combining SPAN with Solar and Battery Storage

SPAN is compatible with any grid-tied solar inverter on solar panel systems. It’s also compatible with Tesla Powerwall and Powerwall+ battery storage systems, which are also sold and installed by GVEC.

Bridging SPAN with a solar and battery storage structure gives you boosted control in the event of a power outage by allowing you to view and determine what circuits you wish to keep energized. Powering only the circuits you need delivers greater ability to conserve stored energy and extend the duration of your back up power supply.

Solar inverters must be fed into SPAN Panel via breaker to allow solar production monitoring when a battery storage or other back up system isn’t present.


Power for EV Charging Stations

SPAN is a Certified Energy Management System with the ability to monitor electrical loads throughout your home. This is especially advantageous in older homes that have not had a full electrical system upgrade to keep up with today’s household energy demands, such as the addition of an EV charging station.

With SPAN, you’re able to monitor electrical load being used and automatically pause pre-selected circuits in rare instances when total consumption may temporarily exceed maximum capacity. This function is particularly useful for EV owners who have or are planning to install charging stations at their homes.

GVEC also proudly offers and installs SPAN EV chargers.


Monitoring and Controlling SPAN

Monitoring and controlling SPAN is possible via internet connection and through the SPAN Home app. Available software updates that may include new features are received automatically. This means an internet-connected gateway through ethernet or Wi-Fi signal is needed. SPAN will automatically switch to a cellular backup in the event of an internet outage. However, it is important to note, cellular backup should not be relied upon as primary connectivity.

Through the SPAN Home app, you can manage every circuit in your home—even if you aren’t there. Maybe the circuit feeding the pool pump or living room lights aren’t needed at certain times of the day or night. You can completely turn off those circuits when they aren’t necessary.

Being able to see the circuit data for certain rooms or large appliances in your home is also beneficial for observing signs of issues. If you notice the circuit feeding your HVAC system or refrigerator suddenly pulling more power than before, with no explainable reason, you might recognize a problem sooner, helping to avoid a total breakdown or in time to call for repair before more energy is wasted on a malfunctioning appliance.


GVEC Can Hook You Up!

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