Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

Electric Vehicle Charging Station RebateDiving electric is becoming more prevalent in the Guadalupe Valley and South Central Texas, just as it is in many places in the United States and around the world. As electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing and purchasing becomes more common and economical for drivers, it’s evident the rise in EV owners presents a growing demand to be prepared for now.

With this in mind, along with GVEC’s commitment to delivering more when it comes to products and services that empower those we serve, we provide total start-to-finish service for purchasing and installing home EV charging stations. We offer quality brands like JuiceBox®, ChargePoint® and Tesla, and GVEC electricians are Tesla-certified installers.

GVEC members may also qualify for an EV charging station rebate of up to $600 on qualifying home chargers and installation costs.

Level 2 Residential or Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate

GVEC offers a rebate for qualifying level 2 residential or commercial EV charging station installations.

General Qualifications
  • Must be a GVEC member.
  • Installation must be performed by a professional, licensed electrician in order to participate in rebate program.
  • GVEC does not assume liability for work completed by any contractor.
  • EV charger must be Tesla, ChargePoint® or JuiceBox® brand.
  • Please allow up to 6 weeks after receipt of all documents to receive rebate credit.
  • GVEC requires a picture of the EV charger installation. Additional supporting documents may be required, see Supporting Documentation section for details.
  • Member must provide proof of ownership/current lease of EV.
  • GVEC reserves the right to verify all projects in order to meet minimum program guidelines and requirements.
  • Government funded improvements do not qualify for GVEC rebates.
  • Instant rebate may apply if installation is performed by a GVEC licensed electrician.
  • GVEC reserves the right to discontinue or make changes to the EV Charging Station Rebate program without notice.

Check our Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate page at gvec.org for more details, including a full listing of specifications and supporting documentation required.