Electrical Upgrades in New Braunfels, TXIf your home needs electrical upgrades in New Braunfels, TX, we can help. At GVEC, we do expert electrical panel upgrades at competitive prices. There are many potential advantages associated with upgrading a home electrical panel—and the older the panel, the more you stand to gain.

    For starters, upgrading an out-of-date panel in New Braunfels can instantly make your home more energy efficient, potentially saving money on your electric bills. An up-to-date electrical panel also lessens the likelihood of electrical failure and fire in the home, making it safer. Your homeowners insurance company will be pleased by your choice to upgrade, too, likely earning you a reduction in premium costs. And a new panel will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter how much fancy new gadgetry you plug into your home’s outlets, the electrical system can handle the load now and well into the future.

    After making an upgrade to an electrical panel, other improvements to your electrical system may be beneficial. Upgrading switches, outlets and wiring can complement a panel upgrade, further increasing system safety, efficiency and durability.

    How Can I Know if My Electrical Panel Needs Upgraded?

    How Can I Know if My Electrical Panel Needs Upgraded?

    If your home electrical panel is ready for an upgrade, there are a number of indicators you might notice suggestive of an outdated panel:
    • Odd odors coming from or in the vicinity of the electrical panel
    • The panel is warm to the touch
    • Circuit breakers that regularly trip with no obvious reason
    • Recent flooding in the home
    • Crackling sounds or other odd noises from electrical outlets
    • Lights regularly flicker when turning on an appliance
    • Electrical outlets that are warm to the touch
    • The panel is 20 to 30 years old or more

    Expert Electrical Panel Upgrades in New Braunfels

    Expert Electrical Panel Upgrades in New BraunfelsEven if a home already has a circuit breaker panel, older models may be in need of replacement, especially certain brands that have been subject to recall. A new electrical panel upgrade may be preferable to an expansion panel in many cases. Many older homes have a limited supply from the power company that can be upgraded as part of the process, helping to avoid future current capacity expansion problems. Remodeling, including new kitchens and bathrooms, can benefit from electrical upgrades that provide more power for lighting, stoves, whirlpool tubs, sound systems and other features.

    GVEC’s professional electricians can do a complete assessment of your home electrical system, including the panel and of your energy consumption. They’ll help you decide what upgrades might be most beneficial for your situation and if a complete replacement is your best option.

    Trusted Electrical Upgrades Provider

    Your home electrical panel is the most critical component of your electrical system. It is conduit, distributor and brain, routing electricity throughout the system. The panel helps assure power is distributed in appropriate amounts where it’s needed. If you think your panel might be out-of-date, GVEC can help.

    To learn more electrical panel upgrades in New Braunfels for home or small business and to find out if you might need one, call GVEC electricians at 888.590.7773.