Whole home surge protection is a way to reduce the possibility of a power surge risk that can cause damage or harm to wiring, appliances, and valuable electronic equipment.

Power surges are described as short bursts of electricity that create a spike in the electrical current. The stronger the surge, the more likely it can cause damage. It’s to be noted that surges inside the home aren’t protected by a whole house system because that protection is designed to stop surges before they enter your home. Here are some important benefits of having whole home surge protection.

Stops a Possible Surge

When you have a whole home surge protection system, it stops a possible surge prior to entering the residence because a special protection device is hard-wired into the main electrical panel/breaker box.

This device should preferably be installed by a licensed professional, like the ones from GVEC Electrician Services in Gonzales, since most homeowners aren’t knowledgeable about this procedure or trained to do it properly. In addition, installing the device means working with electricity. This can be a serious hazard for the inexperienced because working around electricity requires continual diligence and caution.

Limits Voltage

Surge protectors inside the home are power strips that are extensions to outlets. They’re meant to limit the voltage that’s supplied to devices when a surge occurs, especially during heavy storms or lightning. They also prevent devices from receiving more electricity than is needed. In this way, surge protectors protect your devices from damage.

Protects Many Appliances All at Once

The types of equipment that can be protected include a home’s HVAC unit, refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, lighting, the control transformer on the furnace, a Wi-Fi sprinkler timer, all types of electronic toys, and even a wine chiller.

Contact us at GVEC Electrician Services in Gonzales, Texas, if you’re considering purchasing surge protection for your home and you’d like a free quote with no obligation. Our energy experts are happy to help and want to share their professional expertise and guidance with you. Besides electrical services, we also offer solar panel services.

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