Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Circuit Breaker Won't Reset? Here's What You Need to Do The sudden loss of electricity in a portion of your home naturally sends you to the circuit breaker box. A loose switch will indicate which breaker tripped. Normally, the circuit can be reset by clicking it completely into the off position and then switching it to the on position. As long as you disconnected whatever overloaded the circuit—a power tool you don’t normally use on that circuit, for instance—the electricity should be restored. A circuit that won’t reset, however, calls for a deeper investigation. The problem could be serious and require electrical repair.

Sources of Electrical System Damage

The following could all lead to a circuit that won’t reset:

  • An Open Ground
  • Rodent Damage to Wiring
  • Bad Outlet or Switch Connection
  • Failing Light Fixture
  • Overheating Appliance

How to Find the Problem

You will need to check all electrical connections on the circuit and identify the problem through the process of elimination. Once you know which outlets, switches, appliances and light fixtures are on the problem circuit, shut down and unplug everything. Put the breaker in the on position and check each connection one by one. The outlet, appliance or fixture that trips the circuit is the issue.

Ask an Electrician for Help

Once you find the offending light, outlet or appliance, you might still need to find the precise problem. A licensed, professional electrician with GVEC Home’s Electrician Services can examine all your electrical connections. We carry the tools to detect open or degraded connections, allowing us to know exactly where to perform repairs.

The Breaker Might Be Broken

If you can’t find any faulty switches or appliances, the circuit breaker may have failed. In that case, you’ll need to have it replaced. Of course, at GVEC Home, we recommend against most do-it-yourself electrical repairs. Even jobs that seem very simple, can be dangerous where electricity and the risk of shock is concerned. That’s why we recommend calling a professional licensed electrician like GVEC to replace your faulty breaker safely.

Call GVEC Home Today

The team of licensed, professional electricians at GVEC Home is skilled and knowledgeable in all kinds of electrical repairs and wiring, and we’re here to put that knowledge and know-how to work for you. To find out more about a specific type of electrical job or repair, call GVEC Home Electrician services at 888.590.7773 or contact us by clicking here.

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