Electrical Panel Upgrade in Cibolo, TXImprove the overall electrical system and circuitry of your home by getting an electrical panel upgrade in Cibolo, TX. There are many benefits to upgrading old electrical panels, some of which many people might not realize. An upgraded panel improves not only the safety of your home, but also can help improve overall efficiency of your electrical system, while potentially reducing homeowners insurance premiums and future proofing your home electrical system. Other electrical upgrades that you might want to consider with an upgraded panel include adding or replacing electrical outlets and wiring. Both of these improvements can complement an electrical panel upgrade, further improving safety, efficiency and system durability.

    Why Do I Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

    If you’re looking for an electrical system upgrade in Cibolo, you can’t go wrong with giving GVEC a call. Outdated electrical systems are more prone to damages and problems. In worst-case scenarios, faulty systems can lead to fires. Many homeowners overlook electrical work and postpone upgrades. Our team of trained, fully licensed electricians will assess your complete system in order to provide you with detailed insight as to what needs to be upgraded and why. We’ll also help you choose the right upgrade. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to figure out what you need.

    Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

    Benefits of an Electrical Panel UpgradeOne of the primary improvements we often recommend for Cibolo homeowners is an electrical panel upgrade. Many older homes have electrical panels that cannot support the overall electrical usage and needs of all appliances. As a result, the home uses more energy and requires more frequent repairs and maintenance. It’s also dangerous to make your older electrical system work beyond the capacity for which it is designed. Fire and shock are real possibilities, as is damage to appliances and other devices powered in the home.

    If you’re experiencing frequent electrical problems in your home, upgrading the electrical panel can potentially solve a lot of problems. In terms of overall system performance and safety, many homeowners notice an immediate difference once a new panel is installed.

    As mentioned, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:
    • Increased overall safety and peace of mind
    • Larger circuit capacity to handle newer, more complex devices, appliances and gadgets
    • Reduced homeowners insurance premiums
    • Increased market value of the home
    • Fewer power surges and tripped circuits
    • Reduced potential for damage to modern appliances and devices

    Expert Electrical Panel Upgrades in Cibolo Without Full ReplacementModern appliances and electronics can be both power hungry and sophisticated in the way they use electricity. An upgraded panel helps assure these devices get the power they need and function as designed without risk of damage or using too much of the home’s overall power supply. An upgrade will also help reduce internal power surges within the home. These usually occur when a motor plugged into the system powers on or off, causing electricity usage within the system to shift to other appliances, devices and/or gadgets. Internal surges can damage sensitive electrical components and plugged-in devices. This is why an electrical panel upgrade can extend the lifespan of appliances and other plugin products.

    Expert Electrical Panel Upgrades in Cibolo Without Full Replacement

    In some cases, home electrical panels can be upgraded without full replacement. Whether the panel is a candidate for upgrades without full replacement depends on its age, your voltage needs, electrical system age and capacity, and other factors.

    GVEC’s team of professional electricians can inspect your home electrical system, including the panel, taking into account your energy consumption and other factors. They can help you decide what upgrades might be best for your unique circumstances or whether a full replacement is the best options.

    Electrical System Upgrade in Cibolo

    GVEC was founded in 1938 to provide electricity to underserved rural communities across the Guadalupe Valley. Larger electric providers of the day didn’t see the area as sufficiently profitable. Through our nearly 85 years of service, our commitment to exemplary workmanship and treating customers like neighbors has never wavered.

    Electricity is our heritage. We’re experienced and qualified, and our team of licensed, experienced electricians is familiar with all applicable safety codes in Cibolo. They can perform a range of electrical jobs for home and small business. From simple light switch replacements to complex jobs like electrical wiring changes and panel upgrades, our skilled team can help!

    For more information about electrical panel upgrades and electrical system upgrades in Cibolo call GVEC at 888.590.7773.