Electrical Panel Upgrades in Hallettsville, TXDo you need electrical panel upgrades in Hallettsville, TX? Do your lights sometimes flicker or always flicker when an appliance kicks on in your home? Such a problem is not only an annoyance, but may also signal an outdated electrical panel. How? When the lights flicker, it often indicates there’s not enough energy in your home to distribute to a room or to the lights. Flickering can indicate an impending short circuit, too, and/or the presence of a power surge, which can destroy any electronics or appliances plugged into the outlets of your Hallettsville home. It is therefore extremely important to make sure you stay ahead of any necessary home electrical panel upgrades in Hallettsville.

    Expert Panel Upgrades in Hallettsville

    Expert Panel Upgrades in HallettsvilleChances are, you’re probably not an electrician, but you don’t need to be thanks to GVEC’s team of professional electricians in Hallettsville. Homeowners need to be aware of the signs that an electrical panel is failing, but they shouldn’t attempt to fix them on their own.

    There are a few signs that you can look for if you suspect it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade:
    • Odd odors at or near the electrical box
    • A panel or electrical outlets that are warm to the touch
    • Constant circuit breaker tripping
    • Recent flooding having occurred in the home, especially if in or near the area of the panel
    • Noise—especially crackling sounds—or odors from electrical outlets
    • An electrical system that’s 20 to 30 years old or more
    There are many potential benefits associated with upgrading home electrical panels:
    • Significantly enhanced safety, peace of mind
    • Increased electrical capacity for newer, more complex devices, appliances and gadgets
    • Reduction in cost of homeowners coverage
    • Enhanced home value
    • Significant reductions in the number of internal power surges, tripped circuits
    • Decreased possibility for damage to modern electronics and appliances

    Exceptional Service, Exceptional Electrical Panel Upgrades

    Your electrical panel is the most important component of your home electrical system. It acts as conduit, distributor and brain for the system, routing electricity evenly and in appropriate amounts throughout your home. For this reason, if you need electrical panel upgrades in Hallettsville, we recommend turning to the region’s experienced professional electricians at GVEC. We’ve been serving the Hallettsville region for almost eight-and-a-half decades. In that time, we’ve built strong relationships with those we serve, along with a reputation for honest, trustworthy, reliable service. We’ve also earned an A+ rating from the BBB. We’d be thrilled to evaluate your home electrical system and recommend panel upgrades as necessary.

    To learn more about how home electrical panel upgrades in Hallettsville can boost energy efficiency, safety and more, call GVEC at 888.590.7773.