Are you a homeowner in Moulton, TX with lots of modern gadgets like a Ring Doorbell and/or a full security system installed, but an older home? Are those modern security gadgets supported by an up-to-date electrical panel? If your panel is 20 years old or more and has never been upgraded, it can be a significant safety risk to your property and safety—especially if you’re running lots of modern, electric-hungry gadgets and appliances.

Smartphones, smart devices, laptops, tablets and even fancy coffee machines all require electricity. With the exception of the coffee machine, there might be at least one of such devices in every room of the home. An older, out-of-date electrical panel was simply not designed to support the amount of electricity required to run most modern homes. Running too many modern appliances and devices on an older electrical panel can contribute to internal power surges, shocks, property damage and even electrical fires. The good news is that our team of fully licensed, professional electricians can provide panel upgrades that address and minimize these issues.