Electrical Panel Upgrades in Seguin, TXIf you have an older home in Seguin, TX, you might stand to benefit from an electrical panel upgrade. Outdated electrical service equipment and capacity can lead to hazards and inconvenience in the home. Electrical panel upgrades can not only address the problems, but provide greater access to electrical circuits and protective devices.

    GVEC electricians can perform a range of electrical jobs for home and small business, including electrical panel upgrades and related services. Upgrading your panel can provide additional power capacity and protection for your home, including whole-home surge protection, AFCI circuit breakers, and additional circuit breaker space for growth. If you have plans for your home that include electrical circuits, a new panel may be the way to go.

    Skilled Electrical Panel Upgrades in Seguin

    Skilled Electrical Panel Upgrades in SeguinIf your home still has an old fuse box or older circuit breakers that aren’t up to the latest standards and may be aging past safe use, it’s time to think about safety as well as convenience. Chances are, you’ll be performing electrical panel upgrades in the future for your family’s needs or to sell the house, so why not enjoy the capacity and convenience now? As a solid foundation for your home’s electrical service, panel upgrades also make it easier to proceed with making upgrades to wiring and other components of your home electrical system.

    When thinking about a panel upgrade, we often suggest that homeowners consider upgrading their home’s electrical service as well. Many older homes were built with service capacity of 60 Amps, maybe 100 Amps, and 60 certainly isn’t enough for modern electrical needs of the average home.

    An electrical panel upgrade allows more space for the following improvements:
    • New circuits
    • Whole-house protective devices
    • 240V power
    • EV charging
    • Outdoor power access

    New electrical panel upgrades are a good idea for many homes with outdated or recalled circuit breaker equipment, even if an expansion panel has been considered as an option. Additional space for new protective equipment can include not only whole house surge protection and AFCI circuit breakers, but 240 Volt circuit breakers for shop equipment, garage use and appliances. Panel space and power capacity is important for remodeling as well, supporting your plans to renew your kitchen or bathrooms.

    Professional Electrical Upgrades by GVEC Electricians

    GVEC is a trusted electrical power and services provider across the Guadalupe Valley and South Central Texas. In nearly eight-and-a-half decades of service, we’ve built a reputation for quality, affordability and integrity. Homeowners know us as a company they can trust and rely on for power and electrical upgrade needs. We’ve earned an A+ rating with the BBB and a Top CEO award on Glassdoor too.

    Are you considering an electrical panel upgrade in Seguin for safety or expansion? Call GVEC today at 888.590.7773!