Electrical Upgrades in Shiner, TXMany homeowners in Shiner, TX probably don’t think much about their home electrical panels or electrical systems. Upgrading their home electrical panel may not be high on their priority list. If your electrical panel is older though—20-30 years or more—an upgrade could deliver many benefits, including greatly enhanced safety, energy efficiency and resale value. Upgrading home electrical panels in Shiner, TX could also decrease the cost of insuring the home.

    Older homes were generally built to accommodate an amount of power that today may not be enough to operate a home filled with modern gadgetry. 20-30 years ago, society was not as technologically focused as today. These days, there is a phone in every bedroom, a laptop in most, and a collection of tablets likely tossed around near a charging station. Then there are smart TVs, refrigerators, coffeemakers, microwaves, washers and dryers, garage door openers, smart thermostats, ceiling fans, and much more. GVEC electricians are committed to improving your quality of living and your home’s value through electrical panel upgrades in Shiner, TX homes.

    Electrical Panel Upgrades Can Boost Your Home’s Value

    Electrical Panel Upgrades Can Boost Your Home’s ValueMany older homes will need electrical panel upgrades, or homeowners might find themselves dealing with issues like flickering lights when the oven turns on or power surges. Power surges can be extremely problematic, causing damage to sensitive modern electronics and other gadgetry. Many homes—especially older ones—don’t have enough grounded outlets to accommodate the current needs of modern appliances. This can create safety issues, including the risk of electrical fire and shock. Homes with up-to-date electrical systems are much more attractive to potential buyers.

    Some of the potential benefits upgrading your home electrical panel in Shiner, TX can deliver include the following:
    • Enhanced safety and peace of mind
    • Sufficient electrical capacity for newer, more complex devices, appliances and gadgets
    • Decrease in cost of homeowners insurance coverage
    • Increased value of the home
    • Reductions in internal power surges and tripped circuits
    • Reduced possibility of damaging modern electronics and appliances

    Expert Help with Electrical Panel Upgrades in Shiner

    Electrical upgrades in Shiner are not something that you want to attempt to handle on your own—especially not electrical panel upgrades. There are many potential problems and danger associated with panel upgrades. If you’re not an experienced, fully-licensed professional electrician like those employed through GVEC, a DIY electrical panel upgrade isn’t worth the risk.

    GVEC has been in the electricity business for nearly 85 years. Over that time, we have built a solid reputation for safety, dependability, affordability and integrity. We bring all of these qualities to every electrical job we do. We are rated A+ by the BBB for our quality workmanship and customer service.

    If you believe it might be time for electrical panel upgrades in Shiner at your home, call GVEC today at 888.590.7773 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.