It’s worth it to install or replace exterior lighting in Gonzales, TX, as it can greatly improve your overall quality of living. However, you need to leave these projects to the professionals, as things can get dangerous quite quickly if you don’t have the right training or experience. GVEC Electrician Services has decades of experience in delivering electricity and is ready to help you out with your professional electrician service needs. We regularly receive ongoing training to ensure that we follow all safety protocols.

Choosing the right type of lighting can be difficult, as there are many different types of outdoor lighting in Gonzales to choose from. Solar lights are powered by photovoltaic cells, and they charge automatically during the day. Line voltage lights, on the other hand, are usually hardwired to your home’s electrical system and low voltage lights are powered through a transformer. Our team will help you figure out what’s best for your home and will also help you find a fixture style or design that fits and enhances the architectural style of your home.