It’s no understatement to say that electric vehicle (EV) technology represents the transportation mode of the future. Don’t believe us?

Consider These Facts About the EV Market

Industry experts predict that most, if not all, new EVs will carry a lower sticker price than comparable vehicles powered with an internal combustion engine (ICE) by 2024. Electric vehicles won’t just be cheaper to buy, though, but also less expensive to own and maintain. This, according to experts, will drive EV sales to a point that they make up over half of all vehicles sold by 2040.

Besides Price and Maintenance, What’s the Big Deal about Electric Vehicles?

Besides the price advantage EVs will gain in coming years and their overall lower maintenance requirements, these vehicles have three other significant advantages over their ICE-powered counterparts:

Electric Vehicles Make Less Noise

Gasoline engines are large, complicated and noisy. They also require numerous auxiliary components to supplement and support their operation, creating additional noise and maintenance needs.
EVs, on the other hand, are powered by extremely quiet, comparatively small electric motors that require far fewer auxiliary components. In fact, EVs are so quiet that the federal government has passed a rule requiring them to emit artificial noise at speeds of up to 18.6 m.p.h. so pedestrians and cyclists can hear them.

EVs are Quicker, More Responsive

When a driver presses an EV accelerator, the vehicle reacts more quickly compared to an ICE-powered vehicle. Forward movement is generally more immediate and pronounced, making these vehicles more satisfying to drive.

Electric Vehicles can be ‘Fueled’ at Home

Imagine rarely, if ever, needing to stop at a gas station during the course of a normal day. Imagine leaving home each morning always assured of enough “fuel” to take you through an entire day of normal driving without stopping. Even if you did run low on fuel at an inconvenient time, imagine being able to drive straight home anyway and “gas up” there. Such fueling flexibility will never happen with ICE vehicles. Many electric vehicle owners, on the other hand, already enjoy home fueling convenience.

GVEC Commercial and Home Charger Installation Rebate

If you own an electrical vehicle, GVEC wants to help you make the dream of home charging a reality. That’s why we’re offering a rebate on home charger installation. For a limited time, residential and commercial EV owners can get the following rebates on a GVEC charger install:

  • Residential: $600 or 50% off—whichever is less.
  • Commercial: $3,000 or 50% off—whichever is less.

Do I Have to Buy My Home EV Charger from GVEC?

GVEC Electrician services both sells and installs commercial and home chargers. However, you don’t have to buy your EV charger from GVEC to use this rebate.

For More Information or to Install, Visit or Call

View complete details regarding the GVEC home charger installation rebate and schedule an appointment on our rebate page at You can also learn more about GVEC home charger installation and the rebate, or schedule charger installation by calling GVEC at 888.590.7773.

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