Although the appliances in your home are top models from name-brand manufacturers, perhaps they aren’t working well. “They” means the problems seem consistent among several appliances. The issues you’re experiencing might include problems with appliance lighting, fans that don’t work quite right, unusual noises or maybe something else. If said appliances are just a few years old and especially if they’re new, it’s unlikely you need an updated model.

Maybe you’re experiencing other electrical issues in your home unrelated to appliances. This might be a sign that your electrical system needs serviced or even upgraded. If so, you’ll want to turn your attention to the electrical panel. Upgrading the panel might be essential to straightening out any electrical issues around your home. How do you know when it’s time to do so?

The Panel Is Old

The expected lifespan of an electrical panel is 20 to 30 years. If years and years pass without an upgrade, like any other device in your home, the panel will inevitably become old and outdated. Did you buy an old house, or have you lived in your home for decades? Either way, if the panel becomes old and you begin experiencing electrical problems, a panel upgrade may be the way to go (age can also cause issues with your home’s electrical wiring). Below are some possible signs that suggest it might be time to upgrade.

Flickering Lights

One sign of possible electrical troubles is flickering lights. The bulbs might be the issue, and if so, replacing them represents an easy fix. If the problem isn’t the bulbs, though, additional electrical work may be necessary to correct the problem. Perhaps the panels aren’t delivering enough current to feed the required amps needed by the appliances to correctly function. This could cause lights to flicker—an important warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored. Flickering lights can indicate a fire hazard, too. The problem could also be caused by old, worn and/or improper wiring.

Panel Malfunctions

Blatant problems with the electrical panel are probably the most significant red flag regarding the need to upgrade. If the breaker trips and the power goes out continually, there could be a serious problem. If you hear crackling sounds, that is another potentially hazardous red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. Also, keep an eye on appliance performance. Even if there are no obvious, red-flag-type warning signs, any appliance that runs with marked inefficiency may be a signal of electrical issues. The panel, for instance, may not be sending enough power to the appliance(s). Again, such problems might also be caused by old, worn and/or improper wiring.

Depend on GVEC Electrician Services for All Your Electrical Work

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