LED Lighting: A Switch Worth Making

These days, many people are switching from traditional incandescent lighting to LEDs. This technology provides multiple benefits, and at GVEC, we recommend that you consider making the switch, too. LED costs have come down in recent years, but they remain slightly more expensive than traditional bulbs. The extra upfront cost, however, is worth it in the long run. Here’s why.

LED Bulbs Help Lower Energy Costs

LED lighting consumes only a fraction of the energy used by incandescent bulbs. In fact, LEDs use less energy per lumen than any other current lighting technology. And of course, the less energy consumed, the less money you pay on your electric bill. As an added bonus, less energy consumed means less demand on the grid, which can be beneficial for all GVEC members, especially during the peak demand times of summer. Consuming less energy is better for the environment, too.

LED Lighting Lasts Longer

LED light bulbs last longer than any other bulb on the market. In fact, they last 40 times longer than incandescents. No matter where a light fixture is located, a reduction in the need to change bulbs saves time and hassle, but reduced changeouts are especially advantageous in hard-to-reach places. Light fixtures that require ladders or stepping stools to reach are not only inconvenient but can also be dangerous. The use of LEDs drastically reduces how often you need to deal with this inconvenience.

Turn LED Bulbs on and off as Often as Needed

Some lighting technologies need to be warmed up when first turned on. LED lights instantly reach full brightness upon being clicked on. Their brightness also won’t diminish due to constantly being turned on and off, which is ideal for high use locations.

LED Lighting: A High Efficiency Super Star

You may not realize how important your choice of lighting technology is, but LEDs are a true shining star of efficiency. They last longer and cost less to operate per lumen than any other lighting technology. These bulbs are available in a range of brightness levels and color temperatures, too, with white or yellow hues designed to create just the right mood or achieve the greatest functionality. As with any other lighting technology, the brightness of an LED bulb depends on its wattage and total number of lumens.

Depend on GVEC Electrician Services for all Your Electrical Work

At GVEC Home, our in-house team of licensed, professional electricians are here to assist you with installing all types of interior and exterior lighting, including LEDs. Our electricians can also upgrade or repair electrical panels and perform general electrical upgrades. We are also experts in rewiring services, electrical inspections, and solar panel installation and maintenance. For more information, call us today at 888.590.7773.

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