When you need rewiring service, your house lets you know; it’s not one of those issues that typically stays under the radar for long. Whether it’s blown fuses, sparks shooting from outlets or the smell of burning plastic, you’ll know when it’s time to give a professional a call. See the list below for five of the most common warnings that it’s time to have your home’s wiring serviced.

1. Frequent Blown Fuses

Have you ever flipped a light switch in your house or plugged in an appliance only for the whole room to go dark? While blown fuses occur from time to time, if you find that it’s happening a few times a month, then you may have an issue with your wiring.

2. Flickering or Dim Lights

If you notice a light in your home is flickering, then there’s a chance that it’s just a dying light bulb. However, if after you replace the light bulb and the light is still flickering, or you notice multiple lights in the room are flickering, then you should definitely give a professional a call.

3. Buzzing Sounds from Lights

Have you noticed that some of your once quiet lights are now buzzing when you turn them on? Buzzing or humming sounds are a sign you should have an electrician look at your wiring.

4. Light Switches or Plugs are Hot to Touch

When your wiring is overdue for maintenance, you may notice your outlets overheating. Signs your wires need to be evaluated by a professional include brown spots around the outlet or plugs that feel hot to the touch.

5. Odor of Burning Plastic

If you smell burning plastic, something may be seriously wrong and you should give an electrician a call immediately. Unplug the device in the meantime to decrease the risk of a house fire. You may also notice sparks coming from the outlet or experience electric shocks when handling the outlet. Don’t try to repair the problem yourself.

Reliable Rewiring Service

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