To be an electrician is to be part of a profession that helps keep homes and businesses running. Trained electricians will always be in demand, and new specialties in the electrical field keep popping up as technology advances. If you are considering a career as an electrician, there are several things you should know.

Training to be an Electrician Takes Time

An electrician is responsible for the electrical well-being of homes and businesses. Poorly installed wiring or a slight mistake in doing an electrical repair can mean power surges or fires. While the requirements for becoming an electrician vary from state to state, nearly every state mandates that electricians go through a learning and apprenticeship process that takes several years. In Texas, you must have 8,000 supervised hours of electrical experience before you can get a basic Journeyman Electrician’s license. This usually takes about four years. To become a Master Electrician, you need another 4,000 hours of experience.

Training to be an Electrician Is Hard Work

Anywhere wires go, electricians must go. People with electrical training do jobs both indoors and outdoors. They may have to snake through crawl crawlspaces, climb onto roofs and descend into cobwebbed basements.

Professional Electricians Have Many Specialty and Career Options

Think about all of the different parts of your home that depend on electricity. You might immediately consider the light switches, outlets, and appliances that run on your main electrical system. When you need help with that system, you call a general electrician. If you have a hardwired fire or security system, you need someone with electrical training to install and service it. If you buy a new solar panel system, you’ll need a specialized electrician to do the installation (the licensed professionals with GVEC Home Electrician services can help with that). There is a growing market for electricians who specialize in specific fields.

Contact GVEC Home for all Your Electrical Work

At GVEC Home, our electricians have the training and skill to help with all your electrical needs. They’ve undergone hours of training, both in class and in the field, to get where they are today. They conduct themselves and their work with great professionalism, courtesy, and respect for property. They can perform a range of electrical jobs, including repairs and upgrades to existing electrical wiring and panels, whole-home or small business electrical surge protection, electrical troubleshooting, interior/exterior lighting, plug and switch wiring, farm and ranch wiring, electrical safety upgrades, and more. Our Electrician services team also does all installation for solar panel systems sold through GVEC Home Solar services. Have a job in mind you’re not sure if we do? Give us a call and let’s talk about it! For more information on GVEC Home Electrician services, call us today at 888.590.7773.

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