Having a faulty electrical system in your home can lead to a dangerous situation. This includes things that may seem like no big deal—like loose electrical outlets. It’s important to have a professional address electrical problems so that they get resolved in a safe manner.

There are several signs to watch for that can indicate you have a loose electrical outlet in your home. Most loose outlets are caused by damaged contact points. This can occur as an outlet ages. Poor wiring can also lead to heat and sparks that will damage an outlet and cause it to fail. In many situations, you’ll need to have the entire outlet replaced.

Non-Functional Outlet

If you have an outlet that has suddenly stopped working, it could be because the wires it’s hooked up to have come loose. Outlets that only work some of the time can also have loose wiring issues. Faulty wiring or wear and tear on an electrical system can cause an outlet to fail completely.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Inconsistent lighting in your home can indicate loose outlets. In many of these situations, wires aren’t fully in contact and can’t transfer electricity evenly or reliably. Lights that aren’t wired correctly may also make an audible buzzing noise that needs to be checked out professionally.

Signs of Burning

Loose outlets can cause sparks or burning, which can be highly dangerous in a home and lead to fires. If you smell burning around an outlet or can see smoke, you’ll need to get the issue addressed immediately. Loose outlets can also be discolored because of excessive heat around them.

Seeking Assistance From an Electrician at GVEC

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