Although it’s difficult to imagine, an electrical fire can suddenly start in your home. If the fire is small you may be tempted to handle it yourself in order to prevent extensive damage. However, this can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t well-versed fire safety and safe ways to put out a fire should you be faced with one. Learning how to extinguish an electrical fire, even without a fire extinguisher, could help prevent a small problem from becoming a major emergency.

Put Your Safety First

It’s always most important to keep yourself safe before deciding if you should attempt to extinguish the fire yourself—even if it’s a small one. Before trying to put out the fire, make sure you see two clear exits. If one of those exits becomes unsafe to approach, leave immediately. Don’t risk your life.If an electrical fire proliferates and you cannot switch the electricity off (which we’ll discuss more in the next section), you must prioritize your safety. Get out of the home or building the fire is in, and call the fire department or 911. Tell them there’s an electrical fire. Give as much information as possible to help first responders identify the most effective course of action.

Switch Off the Electricity

If you can see the device responsible for the fire, unplug it immediately. Unplugging it will help prevent flames from spreading and reduce your risk of electrocution. If you can reach your home’s electrical panel, get to it and turn off the breaker.

Use Baking Soda

For small electrical fires, toss baking soda over the flames to prevent the fire from growing. The sodium bicarbonate compound in baking soda cuts off the oxygen supply.

Never Use Water

Never use water to put out an electrical fire of any size if the power is still on. Water conducts electricity, and if you pour water on an electrical fire, you can easily get electrocuted or shocked.

Use a Blanket

You can also use a heavy blanket to put out the fire. The blanket will deprive the fire of oxygen. However, don’t throw the blanket towards the fire. The blanket has to cover all the flames, and if you throw it, you might miss, spreading the problem. This method won’t work if the blanket is smaller than the fire.

GVEC Cares About Your Safety

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