Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Transformers and power lines are hugely responsible for the electricity you benefit from every day. Electrical transformers carry significant amounts of energy from electrical plants or substations to whole neighborhoods and cities. Here’s everything you need to know about transformers and what to do if you see one go out near you.

The Purpose of Transformersr

Transformers are widely used across the country to carry essential power of varying voltages across great distances. The transformer itself is the metal box or can that sits near the top of the utility pole. Your home may be directly connected to the power lines and transformer through several thick wires.

Transformers are sturdy components that can withstand most storms, animals and even pesky tree branches that grow out too far. They’re frequently maintained and repaired by professional line workers who check the circuitry for damage.

How to Stay Safer

Avoid approaching the transformer if it’s smoking, sparking or on fire. Stay inside and immediately call the power company to report the issue. You should also notify any family members outside the home to be careful when returning. If the transformer “blows,” you’ll likely hear a lound pop or boom sound. Your power may go out, leaving you in the dark. When you contact your electric provider to report these types of outages, it’s helpful to let them know if you think you heard the transformer blow right before the power went out.

If you have a generator properly hooked up through a transfer switch, feel free to use it safely. If your home has solar panels paired with a battery storage system, your battery backup will likely kick on instantaneously when the power goes out. The power company should arrive quickly to address the issue.

Trusted Electrical Contractor

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