Although you sleep every night in your bedroom, you probably don’t want it to be dark all the time. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be. There are several options for lighting a bedroom suited to different activities, including, for instance, reading a book or getting dressed. Below, we present a few of the lighting types and arrangements that work best for most people.

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lights, also known as downlights and sometimes as can lights, shine down into the room from fixtures hollowed into the ceiling. The lighting itself appears to come from a hole in the ceiling. Stylistically, recessed fixtures don’t offer as much variety as other lighting types, but they’re a solid choice for general bedroom lighting. They can also be used for accent lighting, and they go well with other types of lighting styles for added aesthetic appeal. Choose a dimmable variety, and you’ll get greater flexibility by being able to adjust lighting levels according to time of day and/or specific activity (e.g., you want a darker room before bedtime).

Ceiling Fan Lighting

A ceiling fan with a light serves to both provide light and help you feel cooler when spending time in the bedroom, potentially saving money on cooling bills (as we often point out, though, ceiling fans don’t actually lower the room temperature, which is why you should always turn them off when no one’s in the room). You can soften the lighting by directing it toward the ceiling or covering the bulbs with a shade. A remote for the fan placed on your nightstand will let you control it without getting out of bed.

Table Lamps

Table lamps in your bedroom provide task and accent lighting. You can place one on a dresser, for instance, to illuminate the inside of its drawers. If you place one on a nightstand, they’re easy to turn on and off when reading in bed before falling asleep.

Wall Sconces

When you think of “sconce lighting,” it may call to mind images of something archaic or medieval that use fire to generate light and is little more than oversized candles. However, modern sconce fixtures come in an unexpectedly large assortment of shapes, sizes and styles—all of them powered by electric bulbs, of course. Sconces can be placed in a variety of settings and places in the home, and can be a great addition to your bedroom, adding both style and function. For example, you could place wall sconces on both sides of your bed, making it easier to read at night. Consider placing them about six feet high, unless you have a high ceiling, in which case you might place them higher, depending on your individual needs and preferences.

Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is most often associated with decorative uses, but this lighting type can also add a touch of visual flare to virtually any setting, including in the bedroom. Rope lights can be used to create a mood of rest and relaxation in any bedroom. You might consider placing rope lights on the back of the bed headboard or under the frame.

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