Over the last decade or so, there has been a push to make home appliances and other big-ticket items more energy efficient. The result has been the creation of the Energy Star classification system. When you shop at your favorite home goods store, you might notice the logo on some products. You may have even wondered why it should matter to you. Here is what you should know about the Energy Star classification and why it matters to you.

What Is the Reason for Energy Star Classification?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Energy Star program in 1992. The goal has always been to reduce the amount of emissions and pollutants released into the environment. Since 2005, the program has operated under the authority of the Clean Air Act and the 2005 Energy Policy Act. To lower those pollutants, a rating system was setup.

How Are Appliances Rated?

Each appliance is rated according to its size and the amount of energy it consumes. A small appliance should not be an energy drain. A large product should not consume a little energy and operate poorly, either. The aim is to ensure the item operates as intended while limiting the amount of power it consumes.

Why Should It Matter to You?

When you are shopping for a new appliance in South Central Texas, if you see the Energy Star logo on the item, you can be confident it will not be an energy burden. This is especially true for items that continuously run like a refrigerator, an AC unit or a heater.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefit of purchasing Energy Star-approved products is that they can help reduce your home’s energy consumption, helping you save money on your electricity bills. If they are not running up your energy bills, they are also not having a negative impact on the environment.

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