Having a circuit breaker periodically trip is not an uncommon household problem, and homeowners in most circumstances can solve the issue on their own. They know where their circuit boxes are located and understand how to turn the given circuit back on. But what do you do if the circuit breaker won’t reset? This sort of problem can be due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes the situation can be easily corrected, but it might also require the services of a qualified local electrician for professional assistance. Here are some of the main causes a circuit breaker won’t reset.

Circuit Overload

An overloaded circuit is probably the most common reason for a tripped breaker. Fortunately, circuit overloads are much easier to fix compared to other problems. Usually, a circuit overload is due to external issues such as putting too many appliances on the same circuit. The simplest way to fix an overloaded circuit is to unplug the items that are drawing too much power and allow your circuit to cool down. Reducing the number of appliances on the circuit is essential to avoiding this problem in the future.

Short Circuits

Another common issue is a short circuit. This happens when a hot wire makes contact with a neutral wire. A short circuit is a major safety issue, and it can result in a fire if it’s not fixed. If you suspect this, you should leave the breaker off and contact an electrician to take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Other Potential Problems

First, rule out human error. Are you on the right circuit? Has the switch been thrown back correctly? Sometimes they can be awfully stiff.

There are other possible causes of this issue. You may simply have a faulty breaker. Consulting a licensed electrician is always a sound option because this professional can investigate the situation and find the source of the problem. Competent professionalism provides a homeowner with peace of mind.

Your Local Electrical Experts

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