Whole-Home Surge Protector Install Services

    Historic Gonzales, TX, is the home of the “Come and Take It” cannon and a place where 32 heroic men answered the call of the Alamo. However, it’s also located in a region that gets abundant storms. With the safety of your family in mind, GVEC Electrician Services offers whole-house surge protector installation services in Gonzales. Since we understand the safety codes of Gonzales County, you can trust that our work will be done correctly and to the highest standards.

    Customers appreciate our:
    • Reasonable rates
    • Quick responses to inquiries
    • Highly trained technicians
    • Helpful recommendations
    • Dedication to customer satisfaction
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    Originally a part of an electric cooperative in 1938, we have a long history of serving the community. Service, knowledge and quality are our goals. Our electricians are trained to the highest standards of the industry. Attention to detail is always a priority. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured, so you can be assured that whoever enters your home has been thoroughly screened. We do background checks as well as drug testing on all our electricians.

    Dependable Surge Protectors in Gonzales

    Whole Home Surge Protection in Gonzales, TXWhat is whole-home surge protection, and why do you need it? We live in an area that experiences electrical storms and hurricanes. With a whole-home surge protector install, you can be sure your home will stay safe if there’s an outage.

    An installation can protect against:
    • Electrical storms
    • Overloaded outlets or circuits
    • Wiring that is improper or worn
    • Motor-driven devices

    Surge Protection in GonzalesA whole-home surge protector install ensures that devices do not get more voltage than they need to run. This provides safety and assurance that the device will not be damaged. Replacement of both small and large appliances as well as electronics can be costly and can come at an inconvenient time. That’s why a whole-house surge protector installation is an investment in dollars as well as safety. The risk of electrical fires is also reduced with this type of installation.

    Trusted Gonzales Company

    When we do a whole-home surge protector install, our electricians will complete the job right and to the safety codes of Gonzales County. In fact, all our electrical services are performed to the highest standards. We at GVEC Electrician Services are here to exceed your expectations in Gonzales. We’re also prepared to answer all your questions and even make some suggestions. To learn more about the benefits of surge protection, give us a call today.