Whole-House Surge Protector Installs

    As your electrical service company in Hallettsville, TX, GVEC Electrician Services wants you to be safe when lightning strikes. Small electrical bursts can cause damage to your electrical appliances. Our whole-home surge protector install can prevent that. Our electricians are familiar with safety codes in Lavaca County, so they will perform electrical services to the highest standards. GVEC Electrician Services is proud to offer this service to the town of Hallettsville because we want all homeowners in our community to be safe.

    Some of our services include:
    • Upgrading or repairing electrical panels
    • Installing interior and exterior lighting
    • Performing general electrical upgrades
    • Upgrading your home to code standards
    • Providing expert rewiring services
    • Whole-house surge protector installation

    We pay attention to every detail with every job we perform. Our experienced electricians are skilled craftsmen who meet and exceed all appropriate electrical codes and standards in the industry. Licensed, bonded and insured, our team members go through rigorous background checks and drug screenings. We know that you want trusted service members in your house, and our technicians are knowledgeable and perform quality work.

    Top Home Surge Protector Benefits

    Whole Home Surge Protection in Hallettsville, TXJust why would you need a whole-home surge protector install in your house? Bursts of electricity can flow through your circuits and burn your electronics. As replacing electronics can be very expensive, it’s better to protect them. Bursts of electricity can come from a number of sources.

    Causes of power surges include:
    • Electrical storms
    • Improper and worn wiring
    • Devices that run off motors
    • Overloaded outlets or circuits

    Surge Protection in HallettsvilleWhen we provide a whole-home surge protector install, we limit the voltage supplied to a home when a power surge is happening. In this way, devices are protected from damage by not being allowed to get more electricity than is needed. This protection also reduces the risk of electrical fires. A whole-house surge protector installation is an investment. It prevents unexpected costs due to damaged electronics. It also prevents the damage of both small and large appliances.

    Reliable Hallettsville Company

    When you need a whole-house surge protector installation, our electricians are trained to ensure customer satisfaction. They can also provide services that are up to code and properly done the first time. At GVEC Electrician Services, we are your go-to electrical service in Hallettsville and will do the work with expertise and care. Give us a call or request a no-obligation quote. We value our customers.