La Vernia’s Trustworthy Surge Protector Installation

    GVEC Electrician Services is the source to call when you need a whole-home surge protector install in La Vernia, TX. We’ve been in this business for more than 40 years. Our professional electricians pride themselves on paying attention to every detail. You won’t find a more conscientious or reputable company anywhere in Lavaca and DeWitt counties. When you hire us, you can be confident that your electrician will do thorough and precise work. You’ll be protected during the southeastern Texas storm season.

    All members of our team:
    • Comply with all applicable safety codes
    • Are highly trained and experienced
    • Pass a background check and drug screening
    • Commit to quality, safety and ethical service

    Professional Whole-House Surge Protector Installation

    Whole Home Surge Protection in La Vierna, TXOnline guides may try to walk you through doing a whole-home surge protector install on your own. We advise against that. This is a potentially dangerous operation best left in the hands of the professionals. The technicians at GVEC Electrician Services are thoroughly qualified to perform this work safely at your La Vernia residence. All surge protectors must be certified under the UL 1449 3rd Edition. In addition, the specifications of a given surge protector must match the needs of your home. There are also other variables our electricians keep in mind when selecting the right surge protector for your needs.

    Before an installation, we consider:
    • Maximum continuous operating voltage
    • Maximum surge current capacity
    • Modes of protection provided
    • Short-circuit current rating
    • Voltage protective rating
    • NEMA enclosure type

    With the right surge protector for your entire house, you can rest easy. You’ll be secure knowing that your electronics and appliances are guarded against the destructive effects of sudden power surges. As an added precaution, however, it is still recommended to use individual surge protectors at each outlet. They constitute a second line of defense.

    La Vernia Whole-Home Surge Protector Install

    Surge Protection in YoakumWhole-home surge protection greatly reduces the danger posed by a power surge causing serious damage to your electrical devices. A surge protection device can stop the overwhelming flow of power prior to it entering your house. Licensed electricians from GVEC Electrician Services will hard-wire the surge protection device directly into your La Vernia home’s main electrical panel. You’ll get peace of mind from the assurance that your investments and family members will be better protected.

    The main source for whole-house surge protector installation in La Vernia is GVEC Electrician Services. Stop surges at your main breaker box before they even reach the interior of your home. Call on us to select the best surge protection device for your electrical grid.