Reliable Whole-Home Surge Protector Installs

    For residents of Seguin, TX, a whole-home surge protector install is an essential service that is too often overlooked. This region of south-central Texas experiences a lot of storms that can wreak havoc on electrical systems. Thankfully, you can rely on GVEC Electrician Services for all your surge protection needs in Seguin.

    Our crew is known for:
    • Having flexible appointment availability
    • Wearing protective booties to keep your floors and carpets spotless
    • Encouraging any questions you may have
    • Presenting multiple solutions for your situation at different price points
    • Offering fair estimates with no hidden fees

    Furthermore, you will appreciate that GVEC Electrician Services is licensed, bonded and insured to serve homes in Seguin.

    Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection

    Whole Home Surge Protection in Seguin, TXSurge protection is a key element in safeguarding your home against the disastrous effects of a power surge. A whole-house surge protector installation involves an electrician hard-wiring a device into your building’s main electrical panel.

    In the event of a nearby lightning strike or other cause of a power surge, the current on the electricity running into your home will suddenly spike. In such cases, the current is usually far beyond the range that most appliances and electronics can handle. Any electrical devices you have plugged in during a power surge can be instantly disabled if a surge protector is not already in place to prevent it from entering your home.

    A whole-home surge protector install can protect:
    • Plugged in computers and tablets
    • Televisions, game consoles and home theater systems
    • Kitchen appliances such as stoves, microwaves and refrigerators
    • Washers, dryers and indoor air conditioning units

    Whole-House Surge Protector Installation Services

    Surge Protection in SeguinThe knowledgeable electricians at GVEC Electrician Services can provide you with years of peace of mind with just a single appointment in Seguin. Once your house has a whole-home surge protector install, you will never have to worry about those Texas thunderstorms again. A surge protector can usually defend against even the most intense power outages.

    We understand the responsibility involved in entering your home. That is why we honor the trust you place in us when you obtain our services. We do our utmost to provide complete satisfaction on every appointment and fully welcome all questions you might have during the process. You’ll appreciate that the whole-home surge protection devices we use come with manufacturer warranties against all defects. To schedule an appointment in Seguin, contact us at GVEC Electrician Services today.