If you’ve noticed that the lights in your home frequently flicker, you may wonder why this happens. Lights that flicker could suggest that there’s an issue with your home’s electrical system or the light fixture. Here are three possible reasons why your home’s lights keep flickering.

1. Problem With the Bulb

Your flickering light could be due to a problem with the light bulb. It may not be screwed all the way into the fixture. It could also be the wrong bulb type for the fixture. For example, dimmer fixtures aren’t compatible with all light bulb types. A light bulb may flicker when its element is ready to burn out, also.

2. Faulty Fixture or Switch

The lamp or fixture in which the light bulb is installed may have a fault. The socket may have come loose. A wire may be corroded or bent. The light plug could be loose. It’s also possible that the fixture or switch has gone bad.

3. Wiring or Voltage Problem

Sometimes, there’s a bigger cause of flickering lights. If lights in every room of your home flicker, and they flicker at the same time, pay attention to what happens when they flicker. If all the lights flicker when your air conditioner turns on, it’s possible that the air conditioner is drawing too much voltage. A wiring problem in your circuit breaker could also cause all the lights in one or more rooms to intermittently flicker. Loose or old wiring or an issue at the meter or main service connection could lead to flickering lights. Your home could also have voltage fluctuations from the main service or interior distribution lines.

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