It’s easy to take electricity for granted. Most of us are accustomed to turning on the lights whenever we want to. However, what if your lights make a crackling sound when you turn them on? Is that normal?

Noises Aren’t Normal

A hissing or crackling sound can be an indication that something isn’t right. It could be likely you’ll need to replace the switch if you notice this happening. This might sound like a small job, but there’s always an element of danger when electricity is involved. Calling a professional electrician is always your best bet.

Why Do Light Switches Make Noise?

To answer this question, let’s first go over how light switches work. When you turn a switch on, two terminals are connected, and electricity is allowed to flow through your light. When you turn the switch off, the circuit is broken, and the light won’t have the electricity needed to illuminate your room.

When electricity flows through the wires, heat is generated. As a safety precaution, wires are insulated. However, there could be loose connections. Older light switches could be worn down, and the flow of electricity may be interrupted. Whenever the flow of electricity is interrupted, a current might try to jump over the gaps. This is known as arcing. Arcing can create a hissing or crackling sound.

You Should Get It Fixed

If the heat generated by electricity isn’t properly contained in insulated wires, problems could occur. It’s a potential fire hazard that needs to be addressed.

Contact GVEC if you’re noticing a sound coming from your light switch. We’ll find the root cause of the issue, and we’ll safely replace the switch and any components that are damaged. Our company services the areas in and around Gonzales, TX, and we’d be happy to deliver any electrical repair, inspections or installation services you need. We also offer whole-home surge protection and farm and ranch wiring. Call us at 888.590.7773 for an appointment or with any questions. You can also fill out a contact form, and we’ll reach out to you.

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