Buying or selling a home is a major endeavor. Why go into something this important without knowing all the facts? This is where a home electrical inspection can serve as a vital tool to buyer and seller alike in the selling/buying process. GVEC’s team of professional, fully licensed electricians can do this type of work, along with a whole range of additional electrical jobs for home and small business.

Circuits, Circuits, Circuits

For both safety and efficiency, it’s imperative that the home has the right number and types of circuits to meet the electrical demands of the property. If a home has a history of electrical upgrades, changes or additions, it’s important for the buyer to be aware of these. What upgrades, changes or additions have been performed? Is the work properly documented? Was everything done appropriately, professionally and safely? This is important information, and uncovering any problems with previous electrical changes is a critical aspect of a home electrical inspection. Being fully informed and aware of such information is vital to allowing the buyer to make an informed purchase decision on the home.

Home Electrical Wiring

Home wiring isn’t necessarily complicated, but it requires extreme precision and attention to detail, with no room for error. Unfortunately, wiring is an issue that too-often gets overlooked or taken for granted. Without a complete home electrical inspection, a property can end up being purchased with old, possibly damaged, or even incorrect or insufficient wiring. This can be dangerous, and it’s why a complete electrical inspection is a prudent move before a buyer makes a purchase decision.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are like any other household device in that they tend to wear out and/or become outdated with time, making repairs or upgrades necessary. A faulty outlet can lead to circuit overloads and damage to the electrical system or to plugged-in devices. Faulty outlets can even cause overheating, fires and electrical shock. This is why outlets are an important part of any thorough home electrical inspection.

Home Electrical Panels

Faulty breakers can cause lighting or appliances to suddenly stop working—sometimes when you need them the most. Even worse, the entire service panel can blow, and then you are without power. This is a vital check as part of the inspection process.

GVEC—Delivering More Through High-Quality Electrician Services

GVEC electricians are trained and experienced in all kinds of electrical work for home and small business, including complete electrical inspections. We can affordably and safely repair or upgrade existing electrical wiring, panels, outlets or any other electrical component found to be defective during an inspection.

Our team of licensed, professional electricians will immediately diagnose any problems and discuss improvements and pricing with you. We also specialize in electrical troubleshooting, interior/exterior lighting, plug and switch wiring, farm and ranch wiring, electrical safety upgrades, and much more.

We have several locations across the Guadalupe Valley and offer services to communities throughout South Central Texas including Gonzales, Schertz, Cuero, La Vernia, Cibolo, Moulton, New Braunfels, Seguin and others. Please call us today at 888.590.7773 to learn more or to schedule an appointment. You can also complete our online contact form.

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