These days, people have more electrical devices in their homes than ever before. If you look around your home, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to spot an array of things plugged into your outlets. The trouble is that many homes — particularly older ones — weren’t designed to accommodate the power demands of the 21st century. If you want to change that, replacing your home’s electrical fuse panel may be the place to start. Here’s why.

You Can Accommodate Higher Amperage

If your home has an old fuse panel, there’s a good chance that it only handles a limited amount of electrical service, and that will restrict the number of electrical devices and appliances you can use at once. This is why 200-amp service is now the norm in new residences. To upgrade your home’s electrical service to meet your expanding power needs, you may need to replace your fuse panel with a more modern circuit breaker panel.

Getting Insurance May be Easier

If you’re looking for an insurance carrier to issue you a homeowner’s insurance policy, you may encounter another reason to upgrade your fuse panel. Some insurers won’t insure homes with fuse panels, or they might charge you extra if they do. That’s because fuse panels are considered outdated and somewhat unsafe. When you try to sign up for a policy, your best bet may be to upgrade your fuse panel to a newer, safer circuit breaker panel first.

You’ll Never Have to Change Another Fuse

Every homeowner with a fuse panel knows what a pain it is when a fuse blows out. You often have to rummage through your drawers for a replacement fuse, or you might need to make an emergency trip to the hardware store. Modern circuit breaker panels eliminate all of that stress. A flip of a switch is all it takes to reset a circuit breaker.

Upgrade Today

To put it simply, you shouldn’t wait another minute to upgrade your home’s electrical fuse panel, and our electricians at GVEC Electrician Services would be happy to help you do it. Whether you’re located in Gonzales, Schertz, Seguin, La Vernia, or Cuero, we can take care of this or any other electrical upgrade you may wish to do for your home. Besides wiring, interior and exterior lighting, and whole-home surge protection, we even handle solar panel installations and battery storage. Give us a call today.

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