Electrical panels are necessary to power homes but can gradually degrade over time. If your home has an older electrical panel, it’s important to look for these five signs of age that indicate it may be time for a replacement.

1. Flashing Lights

Flashing lights indicate there may be problems in the electrical panel. This could be an issue such as circuit breakers, lights or fuses. If you see your lights flashing and the breaker or fuse box isn’t working, your electrical panel may need replacing.

2. Sliding/Non-Equilibrium Panels

If the panel feels like it is moving or not staying in place properly, this could indicate the housing of the electrical panel is coming loose and moving around inside. The housing could have been damaged by water and may need to be replaced.

3. Unusual or Unexplained Rumbling

This could be a sign of an aging panel. It could also indicate a problem with the electrical system itself. Unusual or unexplained vibrations in the panel could be a sign of problems with the insulating material. If you’re hearing rumbles and buzzes coming from your home’s electrical panel, call a professional to check if it needs replacing.

4. Power Surges

If your electrical system is experiencing power surges, the issue could stem from the electrical panel. Power surges can destroy components in the electrical panel. Replacing your electrical panel could be the resolution to these issues.

5. Strange Smells

For some homeowners, strange smells are a sign of aging electrical panels. It could indicate corrosion in the panel from water leaking into it over time. If you smell a peculiar odor coming from your home’s electrical panel, don’t attempt to find the source of the smell yourself. Call a licensed electrician to check this for you.

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