Residential Battery Storage

GVEC® is your local, knowledgeable solar and battery storage expert. We specialize in sales and installation of several brands of battery storage systems, including Tesla Powerwall.

What’s Battery Storage?

Simply put, battery storage allows you to store energy to use whenever needed, like during electrical outages or when renewable energy sources aren’t producing power.

Battery storage and solar panel systems pair well together because they allow you to store excess energy produced by solar panels rather than sell it back to your electricity provider. This energy can be utilized when your home’s energy consumption exceeds the amount of power your solar panels are producing during the day, in the evenings when the sun isn’t shining or in the event of a power outage.

Tesla Powerball Installations

GVEC® Sells and Installs Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall features a sleek design that’s functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing, with the same exterior finish Tesla uses on their automobiles. Durability and minimal dimensions (30x45x6 inches) allow Powerwall to be installed inside or outside, floor or wall mounted, and to be stacked in “pods” of three.

Each battery pack contains 2170 cylinder cells—the most efficient of any home battery storage unit. Powerwall’s usable storage capacity is 13.5 kWh, with 100% depth of discharge. Its 10-year warranty has no limit on usage cycles.

Tesla Powerball App
Powerwall is more than a battery pack. The intelligent system features an app, allowing owners to keep an eye on their entire energy system in real time. The app also makes it easy to check your back up power usage history and see when and how much energy your home is consuming from the grid, your solar panel system and your Powerwall.

Additionally, you can customize and control modes—like Storm Watch—a feature linking to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) that detects when storms are nearby, and if outages are likely, prompting Powerwall to go into back-up mode and charge the battery system in preparation.

You can find more information about Tesla Powerwall, like how long a fully-charged Powerwall will power your home according to your energy consumption habits, at

Boosting Your Solar Savings

Give Your Solar Savings a Boost

During the day, when the sun is shining high in the sky, is when solar panels produce energy. This is often when many people are away from home at work or school. Battery storage offers a way to save the solar energy produced during the day to use in the evenings when everyone is home, when your consumption is peaking and you need it most!

Tapping in to stored energy when your home’s demand is higher means you’ll end up purchasing less energy. This helps boost your savings on your monthly electric bill even more than solar panels alone.

Power When You Need It Most

Power When You Need It Most

Did you know solar panel systems shut down and don’t continue providing power to your home during a power outage? This is to prevent dangerous back-feeding to de-energized lines. Generators are noisy and require open, well-ventilated areas to be used safely. Battery storage provides a safe supply of power to your home and can reduce the amount of time you’re without electricity during outages.

Battery storage systems installed by GVEC’s professional, licensed electricians are wired to your home’s main breaker panel, but they disconnect from the solar breaker to power lines if power goes out. This allows them to seamlessly begin providing power to your home in the event of an outage with no blinks or intervention from you!

GVEC Partnering with Tesla

GVEC is proud to be part of Tesla’s Certified Installer network. This means our solar experts are specially trained and certified to install Tesla Powerwall. Tesla Powerball Certified Installer

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a solar panel system or a current solar customer, if you’d like to learn more about battery storage systems, we’re here for you! Our specialists can help you determine how much reserved energy you’d need to power your home when the sun isn’t shining or during outages to decide what size battery storage solution would best meet your needs.

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