Electricity providers, including GVEC, work hard to make sure the locations they serve have reliable electricity at the flip of a switch. However, sometimes severe weather, fires and even critters in nature can cause a power outage. Many people turn to home generators as a source of emergency backup power. Home generators provide backup power for parts or all of your home when used correctly. Here are some key reasons why you might need a home generator:

Your Home Uses Well Water

In some communities, especially rural areas, you might depend on a well to provide water rather than a municipal water supply. So if your power goes out, your access to water may be hindered. During times of emergency, an electric generator can provide the power needed to operate your water well.

You Work From Home

It is nearly impossible to operate a business without power! A home generator is a great way to keep your day-to-day activities running when an unexpected power outage occurs. It can be especially beneficial if you work from home, as it can prevent the loss of productivity due to a lack of electricity. With a home generator, your internet connection, computer and other electrical items necessary for your job will remain up and running.

Electricity for Medical Reasons

If you or someone in your home suffers from medical issues that require specific electrical machinery, like a ventilator or dialysis machine, a home generator can be a lifesaver. A generator can ensure that the necessary equipment will work even if the power goes out, thus maintaining health.

You Live in a Harsh Climate

In areas with severe weather conditions, such as active hurricane seasons, intense heat of South Central Texas summers, and even rare occurrences of extreme winter weather, a home generator can provide needed electricity if the power should be interrupted. In the event of a power outage, a generator can provide enough electricity to run critical systems in your home, such as air conditioning and refrigeration.

You Need to Run a Security System

Some homeowners don’t want to be caught without their security system during a natural disaster or other power outage event! A home generator ensures you can run your entire home security system and any other technology you may be utilizing during a power outage.

GVEC for Safe Generator Installation

Generators are valuable tools to minimize disruptions and keep you and your family safe and comfortable during a power outage. Some people consider them an essential part of their power outage preparedness or emergency kit. But it’s imperative to ensure they are installed correctly to avoid injury, property damage and dangerous backfeeding onto power lines.

At GVEC Electrician Services, our professional electricians are always ready and happy to serve all your electricity needs, including generator sales and installation. Additionally, we offer AC and heating services, solar and battery storage solutions, and high-speed internet. If you reside in Gonzales, Schertz, Cuero or any surrounding areas and need help selecting the best type of home generator to suit your needs, give us a call at GVEC Electrician Services.

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