If you own a home or building in Gonzales, TX, then you are probably aware that electrical safety inspections are important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Routine electrical inspections are a smart way to protect yourself and your real estate investments. Additionally, homeowners with older wiring systems and potential buyers looking for a new property to purchase can all benefit from electrical inspections.

What is Involved in Gonzales Electrical Inspections?

If you have never dealt with electrical safety inspections in Gonzales before, you might be curious about what the process includes. Whether you are a tenant who wants to ensure they are safe, a landlord who wants to be sure their wiring is in good condition, or just a homeowner that wants to ensure their aging electrical system is still safe, it can be helpful to know what to expect during electrical safety inspections.

During a standard electrical inspection, a certified electrician will take a look at your electrical panel, any outdoor circuits, GFCIs and AFCIs, circuits, exposed wiring, switches, outlets, smoke alarms, and CO2 monitors. They may also investigate certain areas a little deeper if they see anything that is cause for alarm.

Wondering if you should call GVEC Electrician Services for electrical inspections? Here are a few reasons why you may need one:

  • If there has been DIY electrical work in your home
  • If your home is over 20 years old
  • Before planning a major renovation or home upgrade
  • You are a property owner
  • You are buying a home

Who Should You Hire for Electrical Safety Inspections?

If you need to schedule electrical safety inspections in Gonzales, GVEC Electrician Services is the only electrical company you will need. Our team of licensed and experienced electricians has decades of experience in Gonzales which means we know precisely what to look for when we head out to your home for electrical inspections. With more than 80 years of delivering dependable electricity in South Central Texas, you’d be pressed to find a company that offers better customer experience or more knowledge than GVEC Electrician Services.

Call GVEC Electrician Services today to schedule your next electrical safety inspection in Gonzales!