Electrical Panel Upgrade in Schertz, TXIf you have outdated fuse boxes or old circuit breaker panels in your home in Schertz, TX you might want to consider an electrical panel upgrade. GVEC electricians can help with whatever electrical panel upgrades might be best for your needs. Upgrading offers many potential benefits, like providing new circuit space and room for the latest protective devices like AFCI circuit breakers and whole-house surge protectors. If you want to have the convenience of power where you need it in your home, an electrical panel upgrade may be the starting point.

    Reasons to Upgrade Electrical Panels in Schertz

    Upgrading an out-of-date panel in your Schertz home can instantly make the home more energy efficient, potentially saving you on electrical costs. An updated electrical panel also increases home safety, decreasing the possibility of electrical fire. Your insurance provider will also appreciate an upgrade, meaning you might see a reduction in homeowners insurance premiums. And a new panel will help future-proof your home electrical system—no matter how many cutting-edge gadgets and devices you plug into the outlets, the system will be able to handle the load now and well into the future.

    After upgrading a panel, additional electrical system improvements may be helpful. Upgrading switches, outlets and wiring, for example, can help support the upgraded panel, further enhancing system safety, efficiency and durability.

    Professional Electrical Panel Upgrades in Schertz

    Professional Electrical Panel Upgrades in SchertzYour old fuse box or circuit breaker panel that you’ve been making do with may present safety hazards as well as inconvenience. Chances are, you’ll be looking at an electrical panel upgrade if you perform significant remodeling or prepare to sell the house, so why not enjoy the convenience now? You’ll have the ability to add new circuits and bring your home’s wiring up to date, including grounded outlets and GFCI protection.

    An additional benefit of an electrical panel upgrade is using the opportunity to upgrade your electrical service as well, from 60 Amp or 100 Amp incoming power to 200 Amps, for example. This, along with additional space from the panel upgrade, allows you to effectively upgrade your home’s circuits without running into capacity restrictions. You’ll also have more space for future upgrades, something Schertz homeowners often appreciate.

    An electrical panel upgrade and expansion provides space for:
    • Additional standard circuits
    • Protective devices such as AFCIs
    • 240V circuits
    • EV charging
    • Outdoor lighting and outlets

    Expert Panel Upgrades ProviderElectrical panel upgrades are an important part of keeping your home up to date and attractive to buyers or ready for remodeling. Even if you already have moved from fuses to circuit breakers, your older panel may be in need of replacement due to age or, in some cases, potential recall issues. In any case, electrical upgrades you consider should include incoming power capacity as well as electrical panel upgrades to provide for future power needs in your home. Remodeling can add not only many new circuits, but also power demands from new stoves, refrigerators, electric heating and water heaters, sound systems, and other features.

    Expert Panel Upgrades Provider

    GVEC has been a trusted provider of electrical power across the Guadalupe Valley since 1938. We’ve expanded to offer other products and services during our decades of service, and in 2017, began offering professional electricians services. Our team of fully licensed, professional electricians are experienced in a range of electrical work for home and small business, including electrical panel upgrades. We offer electrical services with the same commitment to quality, affordability and customer-first service that we’ve been delivering for nearly eight-and-a-half decades. It’s no coincidence that we’ve earned an A+ rating from the BBB, or that many of those we serve across South Central Texas view us not only as an affordable source of high-quality products and services, but also as a dependable neighbor.

    Is your home ready for an electrical panel upgrade for safety or expansion in Schertz? Call a GVEC electrician today at 888.590.7773 for more information.