Floodwater usually contains impurities and charged ions such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium. These ions can conduct electricity. You should keep all your electrical system components and appliances away from water. However, some of these components may come into contact with water when your home gets flooded. Below are more details on how floodwater can damage these components.

Floodwater Can Corrode Your Electrical System

Floodwater may contain sewage, harsh chemicals, and debris. These things can corrode your electrical system components, reducing their reliability. For instance, they may reduce the integrity of rubber and plastic protective components of this system. When these components get destroyed, your circuits will not perform well. Moisture from the water may also damage your circuit breakers.

Floodwater Can Make Your Electrical System Dangerous and Unstable

When your electrical system’s wires come into contact with floodwater, the current flowing through them may be affected. That can make the wires unstable and dangerous. A fire may also start as a result of this. To ensure that the wires holding such charges do not pose a danger to you, stay away from wires and electrical items that have been submerged in floodwater. You should also have them replaced.

GVEC Electrician Services can help with your electrician needs if your home floods. We will inspect your electrical system and try to help you identify all the electrical items the floodwater may have touched. We can repair or rewire areas of your electrical system that have been damaged. We offer services to the people living in Dewitt, Bexar, Guadalupe, Wilson, and Lavaca counties along with the surrounding areas.

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