Making your home more energy efficient can help you save money on electricity bills. The most obvious factor that contributes to your energy bill is utility usage. This includes electricity, natural gas, and heating fuel for the home. Here are some simple tips to help you make the switch.

1. Using Renewable Solar Energy Systems

Using the free, abundant sunshine in South Central Texas has become the most popular way to save money on electricity with renewable energy. It’s also an easy way to reduce the amount of electricity you purchase because it doesn’t require any major changes in your lifestyle. GVEC Electrician Services guarantees a comprehensive solar experience for South Central Texas homes and small businesses.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats will help you save money and energy in the long run. They adjust the temperature in your home for different hours of the day that you program or even “learn” your heating and cooling habits and can adjust automatically for you. Maintaining comfortable temperatures efficiently is easy with a programable thermostat. GVEC sells and installs Nest© and Ecobee programable thermostats, both of which are eligible for participation in the Peak-Time payback demand response program for GVEC members.

3. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances and Devices

Energy-saving appliances and devices include load-sensing washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, and newer HVAC systems. Many Homes and businesses in South Central Texas are switching to CFL or LED bulbs because they are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent ones. This switch may result in a significant reduction in energy bills. These bulbs also last longer than traditional ones, so you won’t need to replace them often.

4. Adopting Electrical Energy Storage Systems

Pairing battery storage with solar panels provides a way for you to save excess solar energy your panels produce to use when they aren’t generating electricity. Installing a battery storage system allows you to purchase less energy from your electrical provider. Contact GVEC Electrician Services; we sell and install Tesla Powerwall (battery storage) across South Central Texas.

When looking for an electrician, you should always hire a professional. We offer a range of proficient services such as home and ranch wiring to whole home surge protection. Additionally, we offer solar panel installation, battery storage, electrical inspections, upgrades and more. Contact us at GVEC Electrician Services now, and request a no obligation quote!

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