For many homes, the kitchen is the hub of the entire house. Kitchens are no longer just areas for preparing food. Rather, the kitchen is now the center for social gatherings, family time, and just relaxing. Because of the variety of tasks that transpire in a modern kitchen, the lighting requirements may be complex. Having the proper lighting can be the difference between a beautiful and enjoyable space or a dark and depressing distraction. Luckily, the experts at GVEC Home® know that with just a few simple tricks, the lighting in your kitchen can make it your family’s favorite place.

Task Lighting Is Crucial

Whether you are decorating sugar cookies or doing homework, detail-oriented work often takes place in the kitchen. Because of this, it is extremely important to provide proper task lighting. Traditionally, kitchen task lighting was achieved using “can” lights or track lights that could be aimed at work surfaces as necessary. Today, the hottest trend is under-counter strip lighting. Using efficient LEDs, under-counter lighting provides clear and direct light exactly where you need it most.

Floodlights Eliminate Shadows

While task lighting is unquestionably important, it is not the only style of lighting needed for proper kitchen illumination. Relying solely on direct lighting can make an interior seem overly glary or cause undesired shadows. Thus, it is important to also incorporate generalized floodlighting into your kitchen lighting plan. Properly defused central lights will cast an even illumination over your kitchen, ensuring that every surface is properly and pleasantly lit.

Dimmers Are a Must

The hallmark of a modern kitchen is that it’s a space that can be used for almost any purpose. A kitchen table that is used as an impromptu work desk may later be called upon for an intimate dinner. This variety of modes requires lighting that can adapt. Thus, dimmer switches are essential when planning kitchen lighting. The ability to transition from bright lighting for work to a dim glow for a relaxing meal is an extremely beneficial asset that GVEC Home’s electricians can help you achieve.

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