Universal Serial Bus (USB) outlets are the ultimate alternative to standard wall sockets. USB wall outlets have built-in UBS ports where you can plug in manufacturer-approved cables and cords to charge your devices fast. But are USB wall outlets a good investment? Let’s find out below.

Declutter Your Outlet Space

Standard wall outlets support multiple adapters and give you the flexibility of charging several devices at once. However, plugging in multiple adapters to the wall outlet adds bulkiness, making the outlet space look cluttered. With USB outlets, you can connect one or two USB cords and cables to charge your gadgets. Installing USB wall outlets is a practical way to declutter and organize your outlet space.

Fast and Efficent Charging

Smart USB wall outlets blend advanced technology to charge devices faster and safely. Computer and adapter ports have a limited power output of 0.5A. Such low power output makes these electronics take longer to charge your devices. As for USB wall outlets, they have power outputs of up to 0.9A. The high power outputs guarantee fast and efficient charging. Most USB wall outlets have a charging speed almost twice that of power adapters.

Usb Outlest Are Versatile

The versatile nature of USB wall outlets makes them applicable in multiple settings. You can install the outlets on your nightstands where you keep sleeping gadgets or near tables and entertainment areas in the living room. You can also install USB wall outlets next to your kitchen countertops or by the nightstands in your guest rooms. In addition, USB outlets can be installed near sturdy shelves and tool benches in your garage or by desks and other gadget areas in your home office.

GVEC Can Install Your USB Outlets

For professional USB outlet installation services in south-central Texas, call the team at GVEC Electrician Services today. We’re a team of expert electricians skilled at upgrading, installing, and repairing electrical panels, lighting, and solar panels. Our team has successfully handled multiple rewiring projects, whole-home surge protection projects, and the installation of battery storage systems.

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