While some electrical regulations can vary by state, every state is required to follow the National Electrical Code. This code details the different levels of training and education needed to become a professional electrician. Here are the key differences between an apprentice, journeyman, and master electrician.

Apprentice Electrician

An apprentice has often just begun electrical training. They may still be enrolled in courses and are working on gaining hands-on electrical experience in the field. Every apprentice electrician works under the direct supervision of a master. This level of electrician may complete small electrical tasks like installing new wiring, performing preventative maintenance, and repairing lights or outlets.

Journeyman Electrician

A journeyman electrician has already spent several years as an apprentice and passed the journeyman certification. They still work with a master electrician but have the skills and training to complete general repairs and maintenance by themselves. Electricians at this level can do service work and troubleshooting with ease.

Master Electrician

Becoming a master electrician requires thousands of hours of hands-on experience as well as a master’s certification. Professionals at this level can pull permits and design installation plans. They know how to follow local electrical codes and ensure every building is safely wired. Master electricians often run their own companies and hire apprentice electricians still learning the field. Every major home remodeling needs the expert advice and knowledge of a master electrician.

Your Local Electrical Company

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