A power surge can happen any time. Such mishaps can result in major damage if you don’t have proper protection. At GVEC Home, we suggest that all South Central Texas residents consider investing in a whole-home surge protection system. These systems can withstand large spikes across your home electrical system.

What Causes Power Surges?

Many people are surprised to know that power surges happen all the time; however, most of those spikes are relatively small. They can be caused by a variety of issues outside of your home, like electrical storms but surges can also be caused by issues from within your home’s electrical system; such problems include overloaded outlets, old wiring, damaged circuits and more.

Understanding Whole-Home Surge Protection

While many modern devices include some degree of built-in surge protection, we suggest that you still consider protecting your home’s electrical system from surges with a whole-home system. Whole-home surge protection automatically limits the amount of electricity coming into your home when a power surge occurs. These systems are generally tied into the home’s breaker box and GVEC Home electricians can usually complete installation and set-up of a whole-home protector in a few hours. Every home is different, of course, so some homes may require more time.

Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection

There are many reasons to install a whole-home surge protection system. In addition to shielding all your wiring and electrical outlets against sudden power spikes, a whole-home surge protector also acts as a buffer against power spikes for all your plugged-in electronic devices. These include computers, televisions, game consoles, home theaters and more. A whole-home surge protector will even help prevent damage to your home’s major appliances. Basically, anything plugged into your home’s electrical system will gain protection through a whole-home system.

Call GVEC Home to Learn More About Whole-Home Surge Protection

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