The electricians at GVEC Electrician Services, serving Seguin, Gonzales, Cuero and surrounding areas in South Central Texas, can perform a full range of electrical services for homeowners and businesses. Professional and licensed, our electricians know how to renovate, upgrade and repair any electrical system. This is a list of the services we commonly provide.

Electrical Inspections

An electrical inspection includes visual inspections of switches and outlets, the breaker box, attic areas and lighting. Diagnostics include voltage and amperage checks and tests of all electrical protection devices.

Solar panel and Battery Storage Installation

Solar panels with battery storage are gaining popularity as the technology has advanced in the last several decades. We sell and install complete systems or make repairs and provide maintenance to existing systems.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Consider installing surge protection that protects the whole home or building. This is a great way to protect your expensive appliance and electronics from larger surges generated from outside your home.


Consider adding or moving outlets to improve your home and office. In some cases, a new circuit may be needed. Adding or changing lighting can improve kitchen areas, room accents and outdoor areas.

Electrical System Improvements and Repairs

Especially in older homes, flickering lights, tripped breakers and unexplained dimming could indicate the original circuits are not up to the task. An inspection may call for a new higher-capacity breaker box and some new circuits.

LED Retrofits

Many businesses are still using power-hungry fluorescent lights. We can update the fixtures to LED or retrofit existing fixtures to accommodate the new “LED tubes.”

Electrical Vehicle Charging at Home

As electric vehicles become more popular, and if you have one, it may be time to consider a home charger. We have the expertise to install a charger to match your needs.

Your Local Electricians

At GVEC Electrician Services, we take our work seriously every time. Our local electricians in South Central Texas are highly skilled and qualified to repair, maintain and renovate homes and small business electrical systems. Our start-to-finish services make new construction, renovation and expansions easy for customers.

Feel free to contact GVEC Electrician Services with questions any time!

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