Homes throughout Gonzales and the surrounding areas use a variety of lighting types to illuminate and complement their aesthetic. Antique lamps are something you might have in an older home or use to give a newer home a classic feel. It is important to know when it is time to replace antique lamps so that your home is as safe as possible.

Standard Non-Compliance

Safety standards change over time, and all of the electrical components in your home have to meet them to be safe. If you have antique lamps that do not meet these standards and cannot be upgraded to meet them, your only choice might be to replace them.

Wiring and Safety

Any wiring issues could pose a risk of electrocution or a fire hazard. You might notice the lamp blinking or turning off randomly or a burning smell when you turn it on. All of these are signs that an electrician needs to inspect the lamp to determine if they can fix it or if you need to replace it completely.


There are several functionality issues that can impact antique lamps. You might have to change the bulbs more frequently, or the socket that you screw the bulb into could be faulty or have damage. In some cases, the power switch does not work properly, or it could be loose. There are times when the lamp just does not come on at all, so you have to replace it with a functioning light source.

Aesthetic Condition

If your lamp is in poor aesthetic condition, its look may no longer suit your needs. For example, if there is paint peeling or there is rust on any of the metal elements. Bronze lamps may have too much patina to where they no longer have the right look.

Loss of Historical Significance

If you are trying to maintain a historically accurate home, if your antique lamps have any previous alterations and interventions, it could render the lamps no longer relevant to the home’s theme. An electrician can help you to find a meaningful preservation choice and install it properly for you.

Irreparable Damage

Since antique lamps are old, there is a risk of extensive structural damage over time. Accidents could also lead to breakage, such as shattered glass or a badly broken frame. Extensive material decay can also occur with time, especially with fabric or wood components. In the cases of severe damage, replacement could be the only choice.

Tips for Replacing Antique Lamps

The first step is to have an electrician come and inspect the lamp. They will let you know if they can repair the electrical issues or if the safest option is just to replace it. Should they recommend a replacement, there are several tips to ensure that you get a replacement as close to the original as possible.

When replacing the lamp, make sure that the one that you choose can be wired to meet modern standards so it adheres to current safety regulations. You also want to ensure that you can obtain the proper replacement bulbs.

Professional Electricians in Gonzales

Antique lamps have a classic aesthetic to any home in Gonzales and other towns, but when they are worn out, they could pose a risk in your home. Our experts have experience helping with the replacement of your lamps or electrical cords so that the process goes as seamlessly as possible. You can also contact us for any other electrical needs in your home, such as inspections, upgrades, and generator purchase and installation.

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